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Welcome to a place where you can be active, engaged and inspired

The Foster Care Training Hub

Restorative Practice Advanced Level Fostering
Restorative Practice Advanced Level Fostering

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Responding to children who behave in a challenging and unacceptable way – ranging from verbal abuse through criminal damage and antisocial behaviour up to assaults on carers – is a constant backdrop to working with looked-after children. Restorative Practice enables the building, maintaining, and repairing of relationships. The philosophy embodies a set of values and principles and a way of working with people that provides a common language and approach and enables the practice to be taught.

The main learning objectives of the course are as follows:

  1. To define a restorative approach
  2. To identify the various methods of a restorative approach
  3. To understand the features of restorative practice
  4. To discuss the models of a restorative approach
  5. To understand a restorative approach in the context of bullying behaviours

This course meets the Training, Support, and Development Standards as outlined in The Fostering Services (England) Regulations 2011.

Should you have 5 or more learners requiring this training please consider the face to face option we offer.

Should you wish to discuss your needs before making a booking, please call 0800 774 7874

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