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The Foster Care Training Hub works in conjunction with The Big Initiative to provide ground-breaking well-being training to support the mental health of adults and young people.

An adult’s well-being is vital to ensure that not only their mental health is healthy for them personally, but also to ensure that their work with young people is not affected.

People do not naturally discuss the issues they are facing in their life for fear of judgment or, worse still, fear that they could lose their job.

Equally, young people need the same support network and resources as adults.

The Big Initiative is designed to give free access to online training resources, in addition to subsidised face to face sessions.

Well-being training must be accessible and provided in a format that fits within the individual who needs support. Online and face to face training that delivers amazing outcomes is what we offer as standard.

You can expect the below benefits once you have set up your free account

  • Free well-being online courses to support an adult’s mental health (with a new one added every eight weeks)
  • Free preventative online courses for young people (with a new one added every eight weeks)
  • Subsidised face to face training sessions

Other benefits

  • Face to face session delivered at your venue
  • Open sessions
  • Access to more than 600 CPD accredited online courses specific to the Foster Care sector
  • Specialist suites on subjects such as domestic violence and child sexual exploitation
  • Mandatory online courses
  • Lifetime access to The Big Initiative
  • A free specialist online course every eight weeks
  • Free parental online courses for young people (with a new one added every eight weeks)
  • Live stream training
  • Exclusive video streams from leading practitioners
  • A dedicated forum to share good practice